The Copyholders Index
The   medieval   parish   of   Uppingham   contained   two   manors   known   as   the   Preston   with   Uppingham   Manor   and   th e Rectory Manor. They comprised roughly 45% and 15% of the land area respectively and were held in copyhold tenure by   tenants   according   to   the   custom   of   the   manor.   The   reminder   of   the   parish   was   held   freehold   but   formed   part   of the   Preston   with   Uppingham   Manor.   The   smaller   Rectory   Manor   was   vested   in   the   Rector   of   Uppingham   by   the   right of   his   office   for   the   period   of   his   incumbency.   It   contained   no   freehold   other   t han   that   belonging   to   the   parson. Ownership and descent of the larger Preston Manor can be consulted in the Victoria County History of Rutland. The Court Rolls of the Preston Manor comprised Twelve volumes, the first written in Latin and the remainder in English numbered   'A'   to   'K'   covering   (with   some   gaps   in   the   early   years)   the   period   from   1658   to   1936.   When   they   came   to   be deposited   for   safe   keeping   with   the   Record   Office   for   Leicestershire,   Leicester   &   Rutland   ,   Volume   F   (1830-1850), Volume   J   (1892-1908)   and   Volume   K   (1907-1937)   were   not   included   and   no   trace   of   these   books   has   been   discovered since. A number of other rolls and part rolls are known and will be considered in Part 3 of the Index. In   the   1970s   members   of   the   Uppingham   Local   History   Group   made   summaries   of   all   twelve   volumes   including those   now   missing   and   from   them   prepared   the   Card   Index   that   is   copied   here.   With   hind   sight   and   in   view   of   the subsequent   loss   of   the   three   volumes   it   is   now   regretted   that   the   summaries   and   therefore   the   Index   did   not   cover transactions    dealing    purely    with    agricultural    land.    In    the    following    years,    additional    information,    mostly identifications   of   properties   referred   to   in   the   rolls,   has   been   added   to   the   Summaries   and   Index   as   investigations into Uppingham’s past have progressed. Typed   and   edited   copies   of   the   Group’s   summaries   of   the   Latin   Volume,   a   British   Library   Volume   and   Volumes   A and B are deposited at the Record Office and in the Local Studies Room of the Rutland County Museum. The   material   has   been   widely   used   in   publications   by   the   successor   Uppingham   Local   History   Study   Group.   It   is hoped    that    ultimately    the    court    roll    transcripts,    the    card    index    and    other    original    source    material    about Uppingham will find their way to ROLLR to be available to researchers. Download fully searchable pdf versions with active index pages: Part 1 Copyhold Tenants of the Preston with Uppingham Manor Part 2 Copyhold Tenants of the Rectory Manor of Uppingham - not yet available Part 3 Strays and Irregulars - included with Part 1
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