The Medical Practice of Uppingham in the 18th Century - Alan Rogers
? A Medical School?: 1740- 56: John Fosdyce, son of Provost of Aberdeen, one of 20 children; know very little about him but rest of family very famous in Scotland and in London (bankers; professor of philosophy; Presbyterian divine; physician etc); connected with Dr Johnson, Bentham, Garrick etc. Apprentices: a) younger brother William Fosdyce was apprentice to him 1743 before going to Edinburgh university, became army surgeon, settled in London and was knighted (given gold medal for work on rhubarb!). b) nephew George Fosdyce 7took MA from Aberdeen University at age 14, was apprentice to John Fosdyce 1750-54 before going to Edinburgh University; then settled in London (visited Leiden); became FRS. 1756-64: Maxwell Garthshore, born in Kirkcudbright 1732 son of clergyman; grammar school, apprenticed to surgeon apothecary in Edinburgh at 14 years; army surgeon’s mate; 1756 (aged 24) settled at Uppingham succeeding through the aid of his cousin Robert Maitland a prosperous London merchant to the practice of John Fosdyce; practised successfully in Uppingham for 8 years; graduated from Edinburgh in 1764 and left for London. Apprentices: a) John Aikin, born Kibworth Harcourt 1747 son of clergyman; educated at home until 11 years; then Warrington Academy ; then 1761 (14 years of age) was apprenticed to a surgeon and apothecary of Uppingham until 1764 when he entered Edinburgh University. 1766-1771 (at least) William Forfitt: apprentices: a) [Sir] Busick Harwood: born Newmarket 1750; educated at private school, apprenticed to apothecary at Newmarket and then to William Forfitt surgeon of Uppingham 1766?1771. 1772, went to London Hospital to study and then to India. [Cambridge Professor of Medicine] Overseas Experience c1780 Dr James Bell: graduated from Edinburgh, origin unknown; surgeon at sea exploring the Polar regions; c 1780 came to Uppingham as apothecary and surgeon and stayed for rest of his life – had eleven children by two wives; surgeon to workhouse (for fevers and bones)! Member of Congregational Church. c1780 Dr Pope: second surgeon on the Britannia and Master Surgeon on Man or War during French and Spanish Wars; came to Uppingham c1780. 1777/83-89 Dr Francis Armstrong: born 1737, not sure where; served in Caribbean, especially St Vincent; servant of duke of Portland; asking to go back to Caribbean in any position such as inspector of hospitals there; died in Uppingham 1789.
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